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Turn Up the YOU means owning our choices

Turn Up the YOU, means owning our choices.

Have you ever heard someone say, "That person's a sh*t magnet"? Why does that happen, and how we can get out of a funk, to become a "happiness" magnet instead. 😉

While it's great seeing more easing of restrictions, so many people are still saying they're feeling feeling exhausted and "over it". Whether it's Covid, restrictions, or other challenges we've faced over the last few years.

And I get it! I've said those exact words at some point, and then needed to figure out how to get through another day of what felt like ground hog day. It's not the easiest getting out of a funk, or keeping our mojo fired up in a time where we've been facing so much uncertainty.

The challenge is, in the depths of feeling challenged, to still choose YOU.

Choosing you, means taking charge of what we think, feel, the words we speak and the behaviours we do. In a time where we've got little to no control over what's happening outside of us, our control lies within and that, remains a choice.

Love this quote by Albert Einstein that speaks to changing our point of attraction.

  1. Choose YOU Choosing YOU means choosing the thoughts we want to buy into, lean into and feel into as our neurology then informs our physiology, so we can have an experience of that thought in our body. According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, this process creates an electromagnetic field around us (that we're able to measure!) and scientifically, we become a magnet for similar experiences. Ever noticed how when we feel negative, we'll see more negative? Our lens looks for what's not working, what's lacking, missing and wrong with our world - it's like the storm cloud that follows us on top of our head. Feel positive - and the world becomes brighter, we feel lighter, we see more beauty, people around us treat us better and life feels like we can take on the world! Our life flows. Being a sh*t magnet, or a happiness magnet starts with choice. Choosing what we think, feel, say and do.

  2. Choose your Company: If I'm not enjoying a conversation because it's negative, or if I start feeling less of me, happy or somehow smaller, I leave. I love the saying, be inspired by the company we keep. If you're not, leave.

  3. Choose your Mojo: Knowing what lights us up is critical to how we Turn Up the YOU. 3 things have have helped me to choose me in this time is: Exercise - even if that meant a walk - nothing too strenuous some days. Meditation - 10 -15 mins of meditation most mornings. My entire body kicks up like a stallion - I want coffee, I have so much work to do, I have to call this person etc. etc. but after the first few minutes, I can literally feel my nervous system relaxing, letting go, my mind becomes more focused and my mood always lifts. Singing - I will crank up a good Pink song, or an energising song that gets my toes tapping, my body dancing, my face smiling and my heart beating happier. A powerful way to shift state!

I'm responsible for me. If I want to contribute my best, make an impact, or simply experience the best of this life, it starts with how I choose me, choose happiness and choose life from the inside out.

What are some of the ways you can choose you today that will Turn Up the YOU in all you do?

What needs to change for you to charge up your happiness magnet?

What's one choice you can make for YOU today?







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