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Watch Bonita's Intro Reel for Event Organisers below!

Turn Up the YOU

Bonita Nuttall - international, inspirational speaker, former TV investigative journalist, TV presenter, pastor’s kid, gay woman.


Turn Up the YOU is a coming-of-age keynote about coming out, and coming home to self.


Bonita’s keynote unashamedly delivers the antidote to the global culture of playing it small, playing it safe, and playing down specific parts of us that prevent us from realising our full potential.


With a call to courage that’s fuelled by passion, and steered by purpose, Bonita inspires a new, more authentic, empowered way of living, leading and contributing. Speaking to:

  • Perfection, people-pleasing and polished projections vs authenticity

  • Diversity & inclusion

  • Resilience and Adaptability


Packed with great stories, and practical, evidence-based content, Bonita’s keynote crescendos into an entertaining, energising performance of her rap song, “21 Truths 2 Turn Up the YOU!”

Bonita has a talent for connecting with a wide range of audiences, she will light up your next event while leaving a lasting impression that closes out on a high note and inspires audiences to want to -


Turn Up The YOU

in all you do.!

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The Voice Code

Unlock your Authentic Communicating Style


For centuries, the key to unlocking every great leader's confidence, confidence, influence and impact was only for the select few, like celebrities, politicians, dynamic speakers, and million-dollar entrepreneurs who somehow knew how to unlock a secret code for using their voice commercially.


Those that have, continue to communicate in ways that inspire revolutions, spread innovation, and forge movements that transform the way we live.


Those that don’t know how to unlock this secret code, continue to notably limit their career, their income, and their impact.  


In this leadership keynote, Bonita shares the key to unlocking this secret speaker "code", delivering a fresh, entertaining and leadership keynote that inspires, empowers and provides practical strategies to lead with greater impact, through the lens of communication.

10-min Speaker Showcase

Confessions of an Investigative Journalist

Having climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with sporting great, Martina Navratilova, free diving with tiger sharks, and as a journalist in South Africa's most dangerous ghettos for 7 years, Bonita shares gripping tales of unforgettable encounters that will keep you on the edge of your seat while discovering:

  1. The surprising, yet powerful weapon gangsters have for managing change effectively!

  2. The #1 tricky truth about jumping into risky waters, that can sky rocket your happiness!

  3. The simple, yet clever habit superstars practice that gets them to the top!

Practical strategies for cultivating lasting success!

  • Inspire employees and leaders to embrace change 

  • How to build a positive culture of teamwork for success

  • Proven ways to increase happiness and overall satisfaction 

  • The #1 habit for daily success

Captivating, humorous stories, powerful messages and actionable content!

Confessions of an Investigative Journalist photo collage.png

See Bonita in Action!

You're in good Company!

Bonita delivered a keynote speech to the Auckland Executive Club on 'Turning up the YOU', and it was, quite simply, brilliant.


Bonita's energy, passion, and compassion sparkled throughout her presentation. She was real, funny, and inspirational, and by the end of her time, she had everyone on their feet, laughing and energised.

If you're looking for a speaker who can get to the heart of the issue and encourage people to step up and bring more of themselves to the world, Bonita is the one you need. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

~ Daria Williamson:  President Auckland Executive Club, Coach, Author

While looking for a speaker for my annual International Women’s Day event, I came across Bonita’s website and I am so glad I did.

Bonita was such an incredible speaker to work with. Everything about her and her delivery was exceptional.

From our initial conversation about what I needed, right through to the actual event. The whole experience was smooth, enjoyable and professional.

Plus, Bonita’s keynote ‘Turn Up The You’ completely exceeded my expectations.

Her energy and upbeat vibe allowed her to bring a room of 135 guests together, stay engaged and feel connected throughout.

All the feedback I received from those who attended said they left the event feeling not only excited and uplifted, but inspired to support themselves and those around them.

If you are looking for a speaker that is awesome at what she does, has a passion for leading & empowering others and is engaging & memorable; then I 100% recommend getting Bonita along to your next event.

~ Tenika Reihana:  Coach, Speaker, Event Organiser

"If you haven't had the chance to hear Bonita speak yet, we could not recommend it highly enough!

Bonita used her own anecdotes to highlight the importance of being exactly who you are and make no excuses for it. Whether we were laughing at her "bullet proof" hair, feeling humbled by a wishing stone gifted by a child at a steak restaurant or challenging the status quo, Bonita was right there with us."

Auckland Admin Professionals

“We thought Bonita was fantastic! Her presentation exceeded our expectations. She had some powerful messages to take back. A great presenter.

Karma Wetere: General Manager, Retail - Max Fashion

FNZC in conjunction with NZTE and Spark, put together a Female Founders Showcase event to profile 8 up-and-coming female founded companies seeking investment capital. It was important that we had tight control over the timings of the event and got the best people to act as moderators and speakers (including the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, giving the welcome speech.)

We hired Bonita to be the MC for the event and relied on her expertise, good sense of timing and crowd feel, ability to add the right mix of humour and levity to make our event a success. The event went extremely well, with over 200 attendees. Everything ran to schedule with many compliments about the professionalism and attention to detail, as well as a relaxed and fun atmosphere - Bonita was instrumental in setting tone and pace.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bonita as an MC who is well researched, capable of having a quick wit and audience insight to make an event memorable and enjoyable for all.

Candace Kinser: Board Director

"Bonita is a force of nature with an infectious energy that reaches out across the room and captivates you instantly. Bonita makes everyone feel like they're getting a pep talk from their best friend with heartfelt moments, big laughs and small moments of reflection. If you need a little bit of sparkle, energy and enthusiasm at your event then Bonita should be your go-to person."

Auckland Admin Professionals

“Wow. What an amazing presentation Bonita, at the PMI (Project Management Institute of NZ and Australia conference. It’s very hard to engage the audience when it’s one way communication but you nailed it. Thank you for the tips and tricks.””

Phil Jones: General Manager at Hexatronic

“Bonita was the perfect fit for closing our conference. Bonita's high energy speaking about mindset fitness enthused the audience to ensure that the conference closed on a high but also they walked away with some key takeaways. She would be a keynote speaker that I recommend to any conference. Bonita was fantastic to work with and made the process very easy.”

Brett Jeffery - General Manager NZ, Australasian Society of Association Executives (AuSAE)

“Be it swimming with sharks or interviewing gang land war lords, Bonita has had to remain cool, calm and utterly collected and particularly when in life-threatening situations.

Not only are Bonita’s stories gripping, but the stories behind the stories so artfully recounted, are equally as riveting.

Composed, striking and thoroughly attention-holding, Bonita makes for one incredibly memorable, inspiring speaker.”

Jane Kennelly - Director, Frog Recruitment

“Bonita was the perfect MC for our regional events. She kept the energy levels in the room high and left the audience inspired with her engaging presentation style.”

Tania Rook: TIA – Tourism Industry Aotearoa

Bonita Nuttall brings a high level of professionalism to her public speaking. I had the privilege of engaging with her as the Chairperson of our 4th Annual Women in Leadership Summit in Auckland. Charismatic and entertaining, Bonita is in her comfort zone when addressing a crowd of 160 attendees, which included the Right Honorable Dame Jenny Shipley and award-winning journalist Hilary Barry. She is quick-witted, agile, and always ready to fill any conversation with knowledgeable insights and clever humor. I highly recommend Bonita, she is guaranteed to make any occasion a delightful one.

Malorie Tan – Conference Producer

"The MC holds the reigns for an event - keeps it on track, in rhythm, paced and vibrant, ties up loose ends, stays on track with key messages, never misses a sponsor, manages quick changes, manages unforeseen gaps and crafts the flow – which is exactly what Bonita delivered for MINDMATTER. 


Articulate, quick witted, perfectly paced, composed, poised, willing to assist wherever possible, completely focused on delivering a streamlined memorable outcome [evident in all interactions] Bonita’s finesse as MC added a layer of professionalism to the event that set the tone perfectly from start to finish. We were delighted. Attendees were delighted. Highly recommended."

Jane Kennelly - Director, Frog Recruitment




If you’re after some sparkle, energy and memorable connection to light up your next event, Bonita Nuttall will help you do that!

Click on the button below to schedule an obligation free chat with Bonita today!

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