Meet Bonita

Authentic connection with an audience isn't an art, it's a science.

Bonita Nuttall

Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

Bonita Nuttall is a highly experienced communicator, whose breadth of knowledge and holistic approach enables her to positively encourage clients out of their comfort zone.

As speakers, this allows them to connect and be received by their intended audience with depth, understanding, and authenticity. Her insightful, unique approach enables her to identify and bring out her client’s presentation capabilities.


A small-town girl, Bonita has always had big dreams. “At school, I was that kid whose hand shot up the moment an oral exam was announced”.

Today, Bonita has two decades worth of experience as a presenter, including 7 years as a TV journalist on an international, award-winning program, TV Presenter of more than 140 episodes on 4 TV shows, a professional speaker and MC, and a sought-after voice artist.

With her warm, charismatic style, Bonita inspires authentic connection with audiences that results in engaging, entertaining and unforgettable content.

As a professional speaker, Bonita’s keynotes are known for inspiring audiences to increase authentic connection, reconnect to purpose, potential and passion, so we can open up more possibilities!

 Bonita is at ease with a range of audiences and will bring a delightful edge to any event. She has both the charisma and the depth to provide sparkling entertainment while delivering take-away value.