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Women who lead

Turn Up the YOU!

Unlock the possibility of YOU!

Gender bias and Tall Poppy syndrome have chopped down more dreams than Covid, and Imposter Syndrome still chokes the life out of some of the most brilliant female leaders even when they’re already in positions of leadership.

All through time we’ve been shown, even told to turn down the you in so much of what we do, often knocked down and knocked back into a state of protection.


Psychologist Ryan North said, "Our brains are wired for connection, but trauma rewires them for protection.”


Especially in recent years, we’ve been living in a state of prolonged protection, and it’s cost us our connection to our authentic self and others.

Almost 80% of employees are disengaged at work.

And it's costing the world a whopping $7.8 trillion in lost productivity, according to Gallup's State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report.

It’s also costing us our health (physical and mental), relationships, happiness, peace and even our dreams.


We can change all of that!

It's time for a new purpose-led, authentic way of leading.

Turn Up the you!

is the antidote to the global culture of playing it small, playing it safe and playing down the parts of us that prevent us from realising our full potential.

It starts with connecting deeper to ourselves, reconnecting to:

  1. Purpose – that steers us

  2. Potential – that empowers us, and

  3. Passion – that fuels our courage to Turn Up the YOU in all we do

So we can REIMAGINE what’s possible for us!

Harvard Business Review shows that authenticity in the workplace leads to:


Better relationships

Higher levels of trust

Greater productivity

Positive working environment


As we Turn Up the YOU, we inch away from protection, closer to connection, where it becomes easier to do hard things, brave things, great things!

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Our inspiring Workshops are specially designed to support women in leadership roles to unlock more possibilities in your life as you

Turn Up the YOU, in all you do!


And have fun while they're doing it!

We are a beautiful process, unfolding in each moment into the magnificence of who we truly are.

Let the journey begin!

Turn Up the YOU Keynote

In her inspiring keynote, Turn Up the YOU, Bonita delivers the antidote to a global culture of playing it small, playing it safe, and playing down specific parts of us that prevent us from realising our full potential. 

Passionate about helping leaders hit that reset button, Bonita helps shift the focus to Turn Up our PURPOSE, POTENTIAL and PASSION in ways that can reconnect us to and open up more POSSIBILITIES in our personal and professional lives. 

Packed with great stories, and actionable content that will inspire, uplift and energise your audience to want to Turn Up The YOU - in all you do!

So if you’re after some sparkle, energy and memorable connection to light up your next event, book Bonita to help you do that!


Turn Up the YOU, in all you do!


1-Day Workshop

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What's it about?

This is an interactive, inspiring, practical and highly specialised leadership program!

They are provided with all the equipment and exciting tools they need as they are guided through a series of 3 main leadership landscapes. 

Here's what you’ll take away:


  • 3 pathways to living a life that's more meaningful, fulfilled and authentically YOU.

  • Increased self-awareness, empathy and self-compassion to accelerate growth and leadership capabilities.

  • How to go from struggling to having increased energy, happiness and satisfaction in life.

  • Be inspired with engaging stories, exercises and sharing to unlock more of what’s possible for you!

  • Identify new potential for you!

  • Receive insights to support your leadership style, and your team to greater success.

  • Be inspired by what's possible for you!

  • Workbook. 

Here's what participants have had to say!

Rated 96% overall!

"Bonita made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. So open, free to be yourself, free to express yourself!"

"Very thought provoking!"

"Thank you for encouraging us to dig deep into ourselves. You made it fun, even the tough moments."


"Extremely organised!"

"I really enjoyed it! I’m usually a sceptic about these kinds of workshops, but I got valuable thoughts out of it and now to follow through."

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