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Strategic Storytelling Connects

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

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Everyone thinks that their company has an important story to tell. But do they?

Storytelling is all the rage, but if your company's story isn't told right, it could be more harmful than edifying.

Also, whether your leadership team and staff are willing to tell your story, or not, and how they tell it - determines whether it'll be heard, well received, and have the intended effect, or not.

The problem is - not enough companies are using Strategic Storytelling to tell their story, and it's costing many of them in staff loyalty, commitment, and energy - which in turn, costs the company in decreased productivity levels and higher staff turnover.

Strategic Storytelling Connects

According to research, "Companies whose leaders possess effective communication skills have a 47% higher return to shareholders during a five-year period."

In another study by MIT Sloan, "Confident communication allows people to realise their own potential, maximise their value to the company and assert more influence.

The lack of effective communication skills, such as Strategic Storytelling, is costing companies a whopping $37 billion globally!! That's crazy. But true.

Most want to be inspired by the companies they work for, to be proud to share their company's story, and to feel a sense of trust and loyalty because of it.

Strategic Storytelling tells the story about how you’ve helped your customers over the years, the important impact you’ve had on real people’s lives, which has impacted the real people in their lives and how that's rippled through your company and beyond.

That kind of Strategic Storytelling isn't always easy to do.

But it's highly effective.

I recently had the privilege of helping one of NZ's biggest organisations in the healthcare industry with an internal presentation that would tell the company's story in a strategic way, that would share their remarkable journey of the significant impact they had on their customers over the last 50 years. They also wanted to connect authentically with and inspire their staff to enhance their relationship.

Strategic Storytelling is how I helped them do that.

Over the course of a month, we worked collaboratively on identifying key themes and all the components of an authentically persuasive presentation.

With exceptionally sensitive, complex messages and content we needed to simplify, we had to work very carefully to ensure that those who heard it felt inspired, moved and proud of being a part of the company.

They trustingly gave me creative license to help co-create, package, script and share their story in their delivery.

The outcome was beyond what I could've hoped for!

The senior leadership team were praised for sharing their company story so powerfully. Staff who watched it were engaged and inspired, so much so that we transformed their presentation into a staff induction video, complete with a professional voice over, that they're now able to share with and inspire new staff members.

That's the power of using Strategic Storytelling and how it could support you and your company too.

If that sounds like something you'd like help with, please get in touch and let's have a chat.

What's your company's Strategic Story - and are you telling it - effectively?


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