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How to Co-Present from Stage Effectively

In my recent Sensational Speaker's Webinar, I had a group of great speakers who joined in to get some tips and tricks, to level up and fine tune their keynotes and presentations for a tech conference.

One of the questions I was asked at the end, was from a group of women who were co-presenting. One of them had never met the other presenters she was going to present with.

Here's the advice I gave them.

I would definitely suggest a few Zoom / Teams meetings beforehand.

Plot out the timeline of what you’re all going to be talking about. And then I would suggest allocating who is going to talk about what in the order of that timeline. Designing segues that dovetail between segments / ideas and then practicing those until you feel comfortable with that.

I’m sure you know your content really well, so it’s just about getting into a rhythm and flow, and being able to pass to someone else when you need to.

As an offering, a metaphor that's come up for me, is a playground. This image if of the playground close to my home.

Imagine that your content is a basketball, and when you’re speaking, you’ve got it.

Imagine that you’re bouncing it around on the spot, and you know you can’t hang onto it forever. To get closer to the goal posts, you’re going to need to pass it on to your team member.

So you’ve got to give it a good throw, filled with energy and they’ve got to be ready to catch it before it drops, or bounces out of the court and the energy will drop, the flow and rhythm will break too. When they pass the ball back to you, the same applies.

Focusing on keeping the energy moving around the court, means you’re all engaged, keeping an eye on the end goal, but also aware of where to move strategically (timeline) and can see / feel / hear when the other person is ready to hand it over to you for your next move.

My invitation is to allow yourself to be fully present, listening to other another, watching for cues, and being in ‘uptime’ - where we’re not thinking about ourselves, but rather, listening to each other, and with our intentionality, coming from a place of being in service of your team members, and the audience.

Then you’ll be ready, and by moving strategically towards the goal, eventually, you’ll all be able to slam dunk that presentation out of the park!

And lastly, give yourself permission to have fun with this! I promise you, that will help to get you all through it with greater ease. 😊

Let me know how you go with this, I'd love to hear from you.


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