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Where are you off to?

And what do you see?

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Remember the last road trip you took, and how, the further away from home you drove, the more what you saw changed?

Same is true in the development of human consciousness.

This is powerful for us to know, as presenters, leaders and humans.

Our complex value systems of beliefs, meanings, values, permissions, taboos and more determine how we see our content, our audience, ourselves - and they even determine what we value as an outcome.

Our stage of human consciousness determines our experience of presenting.

In Clare Grave's work in Spiral Dynamics, he developed a theory of evolution and you'll notice this as the spiral below.

Those at the Orange level of include about 25% to 30% of the world population. In the US, it's closer to 50%.

Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory also refers to the Orange and to the various of the stages of human development, but the Orange stage is largely focused on achievement and that's what I want to focus on in my blog.

What are the general characteristics of the Orange value system?

  • Rational, materialistic, competitive, striving for excellence, elitist, image-sensitive, success and result-orientated and pragmatic

  • Play to win and enjoy competition; very success driven

  • Ambitious and striving for money, status and recognition

  • In search of progress

  • Focused planning and strategy to become better

  • Materialistic focus on competition and needs to win

  • When you want to do it, you can do it

  • Versatile, entrepreneurial, and will take up challenges

  • Focused on growth, and efficiency

  • Play the ‘game”; from rags to riches

Someone at this stage may show up very competitive, deriving personal worth and value from what they do, achieve and the results they create.

Why is this important and how might this impact us as presenters?

  • Perfection could be a driver

  • High stress, as rushing to the top of their game, the next thing

  • Ability to see multiple opportunities to delivering great presentations

  • Wants to be seen as successful - may increase anxiety and nervousness

  • May struggle with emotion, or lose sight of the human aspect

  • Outcome focused, instead of valuing the journey

My clients show up at various stages of development and we always work from there. It's very important to note -

There is no better or worse level!

It's all a journey and a necessary part of the development of human consciousness.

As we develop and expand our consciousness, by expanding our perspectives, choosing new ones and by a willingness to see beyond where we currently ar

e - so too does how we present ourselves and our content to the world change.

One of the ways I support my clients with this is through the work of the Enneagram, a powerful personality profiling tool.

The comprehensive report contains pathways to development, integration and a map of how we’re showing up in the world, and how we can move from a point of

"fixation to liberation", George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

From being ‘stuck’ in our stage, personality or type, to elevated consciousness.

Just as we can't skip cities to get to our holiday destination, same for stages of human consciousness.

If you’d like to know more about how to elevate your public speaking abilities, and explore the magnificent new territories within you - get in touch today for an obligation free chat.

I’ve love to chat and see how I can help you achieve your goals.

Thanks for reading / listening. See you next time. 😊


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