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"Opinions are like assh*les, everyone has one."

One of my favourite sayings. Right? True Story.

P!nk's powerful new music video for "Irrelevant" is a brilliant example of how we can use our voice to bring about positive change, to give a voice to those who need it, and to speak up for truth.

But first, what is truth?

In NLP we say, there is a measure of truth in every perspective. There has to be - someone believes it to be true, so in their world, and in their life - that is "their" truth, even if it is the only droplet of truth in their perspective.

It doesn't make that truth useful or helpful and it can oftentimes have devastating effects.

As a former investigative journalist, every story we told was an opportunity to give a voice to those who needed it, to bring critical truths to light and raise awareness about issues that needed change.

From rape to gangs, sharks, Aspergers, Bi-Polar, suicide, little old grannies who walked their cats on leashes, authors and inventors, the opportunities for facilitating positive change were and continue to be endless.

Thing is, you don't have to be a celebrity singer, speaker or journalist to make a positive difference in the world.

Public speaking isn't only about speeches.

It's about how we choose to use our voice - speaking, writing, music, art - for good, for love, for change where it's needed (and it is desperately needed in the world today!), and for the elevation of human consciousness.

How can you use your voice today, to be the change you want to see in your world?

If you think you don't have a voice, think again. You do. Right now, even here on LinkedIn, you have an opportunity to speak your truth, and bring about the change you want to see.

The question is, if we're not, what is holding us back from speaking up?

Is it fear of public speaking? Of being ridiculed, sidelined, criticised?

Remember, opinions are like assh*les, everyone's got one.

So why not use your powerful voice to make the kind of change, that only you can?

The world needs you. Yes, you. ❤️


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