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Adventure Hat Rides Again

Adventure doesn't wait for anyone.

Exploring new parts of the world or our country's back yard is so exciting - it sometimes feels like my brain is firing off like a popcorn machine!

My heart fills up, eyes widen, senses all light up as new territories are uncovered.

Is it the same for you?

Feels the same for me internally too. No matter our age, there are always new parts of us that are continually emerging, whispering with an invitation to be seen, heard, explored and awakened!

Fear will always be there, telling us it's too cold, too hot, we're too tired, not feeling it, or it's not safe, and tiny little voices pop their heads up to keep us in our safe, comfortable homes.

But safe, is not where adventure, excitement, or growth lives.

Sometimes we've just got to get our Adventure Hat on, our big girl [or replace with gender appropriate term for you] pants on, and go!

Go before the voices get too loud and the impetus stops.

It's still a New Year. It's still your time. There is still time to do all you wanted to do, no matter what you may think.

For me, when I put on my Adventure Hat, it becomes me, and I know - I've committed. That's it, we're going! 😂

Here's a short video of my most recent adventure at Hunua Ranges.

What could be your version of your Adventure Hat?

What is calling to you in your heart to be explored, within or without?

If not now, when?

Because adventure waits for no one and if we don't take it by the horns today, tomorrow or the next day, we risk waking up one day with regrets and all the "could've", "should've" and "why didn't I's".

Adventure is calling you. Can you hear it...?


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