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10 Top MC Tips!

Here are 10 Top MC Tips for your end of year party, or upcoming event if you’ve got the task of MC’ing it.

I recently had the privilege of MC'ing Carolyn Rohm's very first book launch!

In this fabulous online event, we had people from all over the world joining us.

Most of them, analysts.

So I knew that there would probably be a number of more introverted audience members, who’d probably quite happily sit back and simply watch.

But my client didn't want that. She wanted an inclusive, fun and engaging event!

Together, we mapped out very specific exercises we could use that spoke their ‘language’, and intentionally wrote specific words into the script to help create an inclusive space, and to mitigate any risks they might feel in engaging.

My client really helped me understand what it might be like to be in their shoes.

”Empathy is a choice, and it’s a vulnerable choice. To connect with you, I have to connect with something in myself that knows that feeling.” ~ Brené Brown

I knew that as the MC, I'd need to connect to the introvert in me the knows what it's like to want to just sit in the background, not engage, turn off my video, and be an observer.

I also needed to connect to the fact that some days, I don't have big energy, and that sometimes I may need a little extra nudge to encourage me to want to contribute more.

And finally, I needed to connect to my left brain more (which isn't my dominant preference), to be able to speak in the language of my audience.

Why is this important?

Connection with others starts with connection to self, first.

Connecting to the parts in me that are relevant to the parts in my audience builds empathy, which then builds rapport, and that cultivates a space that's ripe for wonderful engagement.

With all of the moving parts, well, moving it was showtime!!

While the nerves are always there and remind me that I'm doing something important to me, I knew I needed to bring my full energy to create the kind of fun, fabulous and entertaining event my client wanted.

Lights, camera - ACTION!

The event turned out to be so much fun! Such great engagement in the room, smiling faces, lots of energy and most importantly, my client was wonderfully celebrated for her milestone achievement.

A magic fluke? Definitely not.

Successful events require the right mix of prep, spontaneity and a lot more prep.

In the spirit of the festive season, I thought I’d share some tips on how to MC an online event for when you’re next asked:

✨ Don’t wing it! 😉

✨ No really, don’t wing it. 😂 Planning is critical to link what will be said and done to the overarching objectives of the event and to that of your client.

✨ Be inclusive - let go of the stereotypical "Ladies and Gentlemen and find a fun, more inclusive way of referring to your audience e.g. “Book Launch Supporting Heroes”!

✨ Facilitate the energy in the 'room’. Bring yours, give the audience opportunities to bring theirs. Thank them whey they do.

✨ Don’t be a talking head! Engage the audience - ask them questions, invite them to use the reactions button, use a poll etc.

✨ Use music to create the kind of vibe you want. It’s gold for raising energy!

✨ Smile!! Authentically. If you’re having fun, the audience feels it, and will be more likely to engage.

✨ Cultivate an environment where the audience can feel safe, comfortable, welcome and important as part of the event by calling people by name when talking to them, acknowledging them when they do contribute, and consider opening with a special welcome like in NZ, with a Mihi.

✨ As importantly, create tension and build up to the moment that allows the star of the moment and any special guests / speakers to be celebrated with the honour they deserve.

✨ Let go of perfection. Have fun and give it your best!

What are some other tips you can think of?

What are some other challenges you’ve faced in the online MC space and how have you supported yourself in mitigating them?

I've love to hear your thoughts!

Receiving a beautiful recommendation like the one below makes it all so much more special, thank you Carolyn, it was my absolute pleasure to MC your event!! ❤️🤩✨

Also, if you need an MC for your next event, let’s have a chat. I’d love to help you create the kind of event that delights your attendees, makes your event the go-to and allows you as the organiser to shine!! 🤩❤️


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