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The 3 C's to Positive Change!

In my experience, the biggest reason some people don't get results, and don't experience effective change is because they're lacking these 3 key elements:

1. They don't CHOOSE to change (well, not really)

2. They don't fully, and deeply COMMIT to that choice

3. And finally, they don't do the work - CONTRIBUTE to change.

Without these 3 key elements, effective change won't take place.

Where we personally choose to commit to our change, it becomes personal. When we choose to contribute our time and energy, we free ourselves up to participate. And finally, when we're committed to contributing, that's when we make progress.

Without these key elements, change is very unlikely to happen.

Here are some questions to ponder about the change that may be happening in your own life.

What specifically are you wanting to change in your life today?

Have you made the choice as to what that would look like?

Are you committed to that choice?

And are you taking action - contributing to making that happen?


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