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Speaker Showcase Secrets

With a 5am start, I recently delivered a TED style talk (10 mins) at a Speaker Showcase on the rooftop of the QT Hotels and Resorts, for around 50 people from events companies around NZ.

I even got to perform my new RAP song - 21 Truths to Turn Up the YOU! 😍

Below, I want to share the start of 10 Top Presenting Tips I learnt from this Speaker Showcase that can help you in your presenting abilities.

Epic event getting to share some of my ideas and thoughts alongside great speakers, ahead of 2023, but I was both excited and nervous.

It was also a high stakes event, and it would be the first time many of these guests would hear me speak.

It was 1.5 weeks before, and I got sick!!

Like, lead in head, body and soul! Dammit!!

I couldn't think anymore and I knew I still had SO MUCH to rehearse.

While 10 mins sounds short, the shorter the presso, the more succinct, precise and on point it has to be. Plus, because I was going to perform a song, and do a wardrobe change during my talk.

It needed to be seamless and I needed to make sure that I DELIVERED my absolute BEST!!

Thankfully, it was one of the best 'performances' I think I've ever done...

Part of my own learning was to sit and write down what I learnt from the experience, the minute I got home from the event!

I know there will always be room for continued growth, but I also know that the processes I used for this Showcase, supported me in delivering my best.

And now I want to share them with you.

These 10 Top Tips are RAW, off the cuff and shared immediately after my event so that they're fresh and completely sharing me, with you.

They helped me plan, prepare and perform my Showcase in a way that had so many people coming up to me afterwards and thanking me, congratulating me and sharing their enjoyment of it with me.

Watch this space for all 10 Top Tips - coming soon!! 🤩

All my best,


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