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Vulnerability is Galvanising - #BreaktheBias

This week I did something a bit crazy.

This International Women’s Day, #BreaktheBias was the focus. I shared something deeply personal about myself, about how I’ve experienced bias in my life and the impact it still has.

It was a very vulnerable thing for me to do, and I hadn’t planned it, it just happened.

I reached the point in my life where I needed to change something that’s been affecting me for over 2 decades now.

Something that’s been preventing me from standing in the full truth of who I am and sharing that with the world, fearlessly. Preventing me from connecting fully to my purpose, limiting my potential and even narrowing the possibilities that exist for me.

That’s huge!!

To change that, I was either getting a rainbow tattoo on my forehead (probably not ideal!), or I would need to speak up, share my truth and show up this bias. I chose the latter. (My partner will be very happy about that!)

I had no expectations, and wasn’t sure if anyone would read it. 4 days later, it’s been viewed almost 18,000 times, received almost 300 reactions and over 120 comments. The most engagement I’ve had.

I’ve got a few leads and meetings now set up with people who want to work with me. I’ve got new subscribers who’ve joined my tribe, at least 30 new followers, and 20 personal connections on LinkedIn.

None of which was expected, or in any way planned!

Here’s the thing - those numbers don’t matter to me.

What matters, is how all of those people, around the world, took the time to show their support, care and even love.

I was in tears as I read many of the messages, so many in fact, that I’m still replying to them 4 days later.

What matters is how the awareness of bias was then being spoken about by hundreds of people, who otherwise, might not have.

What matters is the collective wisdom that was shared, and read by hundreds people.

And what matters, is how I could learn and grow personally from that experience.

I learnt that vulnerability is galvanising.

When it comes from a place of authenticity, it inspires support, care and even love, it invites others to do the same and initiates change.

When we Turn UP the YOU, we open up a world of possibilities for ourselves.

What part of you could you turn up today, that would connect you more deeply to your authenticity?

What would that change about how you lead yourself, and others?

In what way could that connect you more deeply to your authentic leadership voice, so you can connect more authentically to your own power, to others, and to the change that you want to create in the world?

What is costing you to keep that turned down?

Thank you for being with me on this journey. For being here. I value this connection.


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