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How to Deal with Fear and Nervousness

Yesterday someone asked me if I still get nervous when I present? I answered - absolutely!!

But sometimes you've just gotta jump in, boots and all - because the audience is waiting!

And as Mark Twain said, 'There are only two types of speakers: (1) the nervous (2) the liars.'

There's a strategy I use for harnessing the nervousness I feel, which enables me to get on top of it and use all of that great energy to deliver the best presentation I can.

STEP 1 is to become AWARE of the fear and nervousness! It shouldn't be easy to ignore. 😉

The fear, oh it's there! "Hello (smile and wave), I see you, feel you and acknowledge you."


When we acknowledge it, we can send our brain the message that - I'm aware that I think I'm in danger, and facing, what could be, a potential 'attack'.

At this point, our primal instinctual brain has kicked in putting us into PROTECTION mode.It is virtually impossible to connect with others when we're in this state!

Thing is, emotions are there to guide us. To tell us what's going on inside our thoughts, and how they are informing our behaviour.

They'll keep shouting at us until we give them our attention. Like we used to do to our parents when we were 2. 😁

So, recap:

AWARENESS is step #1.

ACKNOWLEDGE is step #2.

Tomorrow I'll share step #3 where we look at what we choose to do with that e-motion (energy in motion) to use it FOR us.


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