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How to be increase your influence and impact when Public Speaking

Would've you agree that a lil enticement goes a loooong way?!

I could call this beautiful mare until I'm blue in the face, but unless she's keen, I get the cold shoulder.

But... bring out a couple of these bright orange lil numbers and I tell ya, it's like magic - badabing badaboom!

I literally have them coming to me and eating out of the palm of my hand!

And then we can truly connect, creating the most beautiful, special and fun experience for us both.

We've just got to have the carrots to win them over.

Same is true for public speaking.

Getting an audience to move from where they are (mentally, emotionally, or even physically), to take inspired action towards the new ideas, places, behaviours, and to adopt new ways of being or take specific actions can be a little tricky!

Unless you've got the carrots - you could be talking your head off to no avail. And that's no fun!

Knowing what your carrots are, like how to connect to your ideas, messages and content, how to present them in an enticing, palatable, influential way is key.

But so is the way we talk to them, our own connection to ourselves, our voice, our body language, how we hold ourselves, and even what we believe about ourselves.

Have you noticed that horses are very intuitive creatures? They can sense when we're feeling scared, nervous, or even a little apprehensive about being close to them.

I have a very healthy respect for horses!

And so should we too when it comes to our audience, because they too can sense when we're nervous, lacking in confidence, or are feeling insecure about what and how we're speaking.

Connecting to our own unique style of authentic delivery helps us to be grounded, centred in who we are, but also knowing how to hold ourselves in a way that engages, inspires and influences our audience is a critical component to delivering our messages with impact.

If you want to create the most memorable, influential and impactful connections with your audience, inspire them to take action and get your big ideas across, I'd love to help you get your bag of carrots! 😊

My Speaker's Circle Program covers the 3 most critical aspects of presenting:

Connect to YOU
Connect to Content
Connect to Delivery

We cover all the fundamentals of producing persuasive presentations and there are some more advanced, insider tips and tricks to support your development.

Today, 31 March 2023, is the final day for the Early Bird special, for the next run of the Speaker's Circle Program, starting on 1 May 2023 for 4 weeks.

So if you're keen to know more, and take advantage of my special offer, please visit this link:

Or contact me directly for an obligation free chat and let's see how best we can help you achieve your goals!

One of my favourite sayings is, give 'em horns!

But in this case, let's just say - give 'em carrots!!


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