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Vocal Variety Hack!

Monotony is a common problem with speakers!

As a professional voice artist, I get paid to make sure I deliver the right emphasis, on the right words, at exactly the right time - every time.

Now imagine there's a room full of Advertising Agents and everyone wants his/her word pronounced with emphasis! This happens!!

The thing is, every time we present, it's as if we're presenting to a room full of Advertising Agents, who all want us to entertain them, hit the mark and keep it interesting, right?

So how do you ensure you're delivering your words with the right emphasis on the right words, every time?

A simple technique I used is to map out your script. Map out where you are going to breathe, which words are most important in a sentence, what's the main sense of what you're communicating.

Then practice.

Record yourself, listen back, record again. Rinse, Repeat.

We can train our ears to listen for the kind of inflections, emphasis and vocal variety needed to deliver our words with excellence!

How committed are you to making sure that you deliver your words with excellence, every time?

After all, every single audience is our opportunity to imprint our signature on their hearts, in their minds, and leave them better than when we first met.

How do you make sure you deliver your presentations with variety? I'd love to hear from you.


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