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Do you trust YOU?

Lack of self-trust is one of the biggest killers of our dreams!

Excellent infographic on self-trust. If we want to truly connect to self, we need to first trust ourselves to be true to our values, to our truth, to our intuition and internal wisdom, to be true to self even if it means another is disappointed.

When we trust self, we become formidable. When we trust self, we know that when we choose to do something big, like stepping onto our stage and speaking up, that we can do it and we will do it.

When we betray ourselves, by compromising our truth, or our values, by saying yes when we really want to say no, or by not backing ourselves and taking the risk to put ourselves out there and speak up or take action towards out biggest dreams, that is the biggest killer of our dreams.

How can we reconnect to our self-trust, and put ourselves first this year? How can we nurture and honour our trust in self so that we can achieve our fullest potentials and while we're at it - experience the power of being in alignment with, connected to - the magnificent self that is you, me, us.


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