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Present YOU, from the inside out!

I'm passionate about helping leaders

Turn UP the YOU,

so there's more YOU in all you do! 

You're never NOT presenting you. Whether on stage, in boardrooms, meetings, job interviews, virtually or in-person - how you present you, and your ideas determines the level of impact, how influential you are, and whether you inspire others into action,

or not.

Presenting YOU with confidence, clarity and credibility starts from the inside out.


Bonita Nuttall - international, inspirational speaker, former

TV investigative journalist, TV presenter, pastor’s kid, gay woman.


Turn Up the YOU is a coming-of-age keynote about coming out, and coming home to self.


With a call to courage that’s fuelled by passion, and steered by purpose, Bonita inspires a new, more authentic, empowered way of living, leading and contributing. Speaking to:

  • Perfection, people-pleasing and polished projections vs authenticity

  • Diversity & inclusion

  • Resilience and Adaptability


Packed with great stories, and practical, evidence-based content, Bonita’s keynote crescendos into an entertaining, energising performance of her rap song, “21 Truths 2 Turn Up the YOU!”

Bonita has a talent for connecting with a wide range of audiences, she will light up your next event while leaving a lasting impression that closes out on a high note and inspires audiences to want to - 


Turn Up The YOU  in all you do.!



We'll help you conceptualise, produce and deliver the highest-quality content for your keynote, presentations and events that will 

Fascinate Your Audience, 

inspire them into action and get you the results you want.


Our signature accelerated training, mentoring and coaching program

Speaker's Circle

will help to increase your confidence, clarity and credibility when you present.


Turn up the YOU

offers a 1 - 2 day workshop, PLUS 1:1 Coaching. Turn Up the YOU is the antidote to playing it small, playing it safe, and playing down the parts of us that prevent us from realising our full potential. 

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You're In Good


ABOUT Bonita

With over two decades worth of experience as a presenter, including Speaker, Mentor, Coach and Trainer, TV Journalist on an international, award-winning program, TV Presenter, and international voice artist, Bonita Nuttall is a consummate media professional.

Bonita inspires authentic connection, delivering engaging, entertaining and memorable content.

At ease with a range of audiences, Bonita will bring a delightful edge to any event. She has both the charisma and depth to provide sparkling entertainment while delivering real value.


What Clients are saying?


“Bonita is a phenomenal speaking coach and really knows how to get the absolute best results. I was fortunate to have been selected to speak at the Microsoft Ignite global conference in Orlando Florida. As someone who is completely uncomfortable with public speaking, I realised that I needed a lot of help, and I did not have much time to prepare.


Bonita, was able to help me with preparing several presentations and help me unlock a confidence and speaking style I never knew I possessed.


As much of a life changing event that this global Microsoft event was, Bonita’s coaching was greater and what I learned not only about presenting, but about myself will stay with me for a very long time.”

Paul Warren
Microsoft MVP


"Every once in a while, it’s good to pause and press the reset button – to rediscover your purpose and affirm your career goals.  The journey was profound and working with Bonita opened a whole new level of understanding of behavioural patterns, personality archetypes, and relationships.


Bonita is a consummate professional; she is warm and engaging and makes you feel instantly at ease. If you are interested in rediscovering your potential and passion, redefining your career ambitions, or want to gain a deeper understanding of your leadership abilities, I encourage you to get in touch with Bonita.


Monique Pearson
GM: The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab


"Bonita coached our presenters with their presentations and delivery style for our new leadership programme. The outcome was superb! Bonita is very approachable and responsive and everyone enjoyed working with her.

Bonita challenged the presenters approach and content appropriately, giving them vital input from the beginning. She asked the presenters to take a different lens on the subject matter and it produced a nice balance on a “serious and dry subject” against the visuals used to engage the group.

We would highly recommend Bonita’s services.  She is professional, a great communicator, highly skilled, a delight to deal with and goes the extra mile.”

Bernadette Kelly
GM: People and Capability Mercy Ascot


Start Your


Pre-order a signed copy of The Voice Code 


Your voice is like a fingerprint, only one like it!  

It’s called a Voiceprint.

Your Voiceprint is only ONE part of your Voice Code – the intrinsic intelligence that runs your voice. 

For centuries, the key to unlocking every great speaker's confidence, influence and impact was only for the select few, who knew how to crack their Voice Code.

In this new VUCA era of disruption, and rapid change, a new breed of leaders and communicators is being called upon to lead authentically in these uncertain times. 

In Bonita's upcoming book, The Voice Code®, she shares the secret to cracking your Voice Code so you can not only impact, but inspire the kind of change that only YOU can make in the world. 


Pre-order Special ONLY  $19,99
Normal price  $29,99

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Let’s Chat?

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