TV Journalist

From interviewing gangsters, drug lords, and brick-wielding municipal officials, to free diving with tiger sharks and exposing illegal medical practices, Bonita and the Carte Blanche team have investigated numerous stories to uncover the truth.


In her 7 years with the team, Bonita confronted lawbreakers, investigated injustices, interviewed innovators, international best selling authors, and became part of giving a voice to those who might otherwise never have had the opportunity.

Carte Blanche - Showreel

Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker

Carte Blanche: is M-Net's (South Africa's Pay-TV station) flagship actuality programme, comparable to 60 minutes. 

"Being a part of Carte Blanche has been one of the highlights of my career."

Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker

"Working on such intense stories, was at times heart breaking, yet rewarding, especially when it made a difference."

TV Presenter

Bonita's TV Presenting journey began in 2003 with a studio show "Fever", which showcased global superstars and their journey to success.

Showreel - Feer  (2003)

Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker

Showreel - Meet The Fan

Other shows include:

  • 'Gillman Make us Famous Dude' with 5FM & Levis Original Music: Nominated for a SAFTA Award.

  • Boston City Campus series - "Experience It!"

  • As well as some acting roles in corporate videos.

After 53 eps of "Fever" came to an end, Bonita moved on to present 56 episodes of 'Meet the Fan' (2004 - 2006), a youth music show that gave the biggest fans of SA's hottest music outfits a chance to meet up for a day of adventure, fun and to attend their gig as a VIP guest. 

Actress / Presenter / Corporate

"Rogue Agent" - 007 Style!

"Decibel" Launch - The Module Project

Behind the Scenes "Rogue Agent"


Boston Shoot
Boston Shoot

Boston Shoot
Boston Shoot

Experience It

Baltimore Jones

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Boston Shoot


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