How to Improve The Tone & Quality Of Your Voice For Success!

Ever recorded your voice or featured in a family home movie and cringed at

how you think you sound?

Ever said - oh my word is that really my voice???!!!

Well don't feel alone! It's happened to the best of us.

When I first left my hometown Vereeniging in South Africa, I had the flattest, dullest SA accent and really disliked the sound of my voice.

The moment I reached drama college, I approached our voice production coach and said - please fix it!!

I wanted to learn how to speak more articulately, to develop a more neutral accent and improve the quality of my voice so that I could use it in my business and career effectively.

And so began our work!! It took some time, but with perseverance and a great deal of practice, thankfully it’s enabled me to enjoy a successful career as a Speaker, international Voice Artist, TV Presenter/Journalist and Business Owner.

Whether or not we're in the business of communications, the tone and quality of our voice can determine whether people perceive us as likeable, trustworthy, assertive, weak, confident, compliant, credible, respectable or negligible.

We may have the suits, heels and specs to look the part, but if we open our mouths and speak without clarity and confidence, it could impact our credibility.

And that makes developing our voices vital to how we conduct business and to what degree we’re setting ourselves up for success.

In the above short video, I illustrate two voice exercises that I've used for years and especially before any presentation.

If practiced regularly, these can certainly improve the articulation and pronunciation, as well as the tone and overall quality of your voice.

Let me know how you go with them and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below or email me on

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Bonita

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