The Secret Yet Powerful Habit Successful Presenters Practice!

Ever looked at a brilliant speaker and thought – how’d they do that?!

It’s as if when they open their mouths they light up the room, they’re articulate and the audience hangs on their every word!

I’m often asked, what’s the secret that makes some Presenters so engaging - does it just come naturally, or can it be developed in anyone?

The answer is yes, and yes.

I remember how when I was driving along in my car recently, I couldn’t understand why I was getting angry waves, middle fingers and hoots from so many drivers. Now I’m a pretty decent, considerate driver but it was as if I were Alonso driving Miss Daisy with a beer in hand.

When I finally stopped to see what the problem might be, I discovered – my indicators had stopped working! Ooops!! At first I giggled softly to myself at how peed-off those people were with me (understandably so!) and how oblivious I was as to why. Then I made a plan to get it fixed – quickly.

It was a massive job dismantling the whole dashboard to get to that specific part, but once they were in – they discovered it was a little worn out wire that was no longer connecting.

Problem solved, happy motorists and safer indicator driving.

The difference between a brilliant and average presenter is one’s ability to connect effectively with an audience from the word go. When that connection isn’t made, it results in angry waves, middle fingers and hoots that appear in the form of blank stares, closed eyes, lack of participation and sighs of relief at the end of the presentation journey.

I call it PTPS - Post Traumatic Presentation Syndrome.

People feel trapped, bored, that their time has been wasted – and that’s enough to cause anyone to blow a fuse.

Being engaging and having on-stage presence does come naturally to some Presenters and Speakers. There’s a natural charisma that perhaps they’ve inherited through their personality type, genetics or even from the environment that moulded them during childhood.

However, I’ve learnt that there’s only so far natural talent will take us. The difference between natural talent and brilliance, is knowing how to bridge the gap, and successful presenters have not only uncovered the secret - they’re practicing it.

After all – mastery is habituation.

The secret yet powerful habit successful presenters practice is – they have a brilliant Pre-Presentation Strategy.

A Pre-Presentation Strategy consists of specific mind-body-emotional practices that switch on the connection, engage-ability and indicators for success – before delivering the presentation.

Many presenters I’ve met simply show up for a quick technical check of their PPT presentations, take a few deep breaths, give themselves a quick pep talk and walk onto stage or into the meeting and expect to blow the audience away.

Now that is certainly possible to do. However, it’s very rare that it will and even still, I’ll bet the presenter could have excelled even more had he/she engaged a Pre-Presentation Strategy effectively.

Personally, I never do a presentation without engaging my Pre-Presentation Strategy and it’s one I’ve carefully crafted over time.

As you begin to consider your previous or upcoming presentation engagement, how effective would you say your Pre-Presentation Strategy (PPS) is?

If you don’t have one or if your current PPS is missing something, I highly recommend getting started right now with it so that you can continue developing your brilliance as a Presenter, so you can light up the room and experience richer audience engagement from the word go!

Imagine just how much more successful you would be if you were able to do that?

Wouldn’t you agree?

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