The REAL meaning of Christmas

Flickering lights dancing on rooftops, enchanting trees to life. Carols colouring the airwaves in malls, radios and TVs. Fireplaces crackling, beaches buzzing and people reuniting for another magical memory-making season.

As I heard my first Mariah Christmas tune my heart was both elated at the arrival of another holiday season, and surprised as tears of sadness found their way down my cheeks.

The thought “I’m not ready” for it to be Christmas screamed out inside of me, as I noticed all I still felt I needed, wanted – to do, experience and have.

I was surprised by my tears, because I have little to no reason for being sad. So what was that about?

At the dinner table one night I asked my folks what Christmas means to them. What is important to them about the Christmas period and what would need to happen in order for them to feel that they’d had a great Christmas.

Interestingly, their replies were very different, with some similarities. And I began to ‘wake up’ to the construct that I’d created around what it means to me. I began unwrapping the different meanings, what I hold as important, what would ‘need’ to happen for me to know I’d had a great Christmas. Why was that so important…?

Christmas is just a day, like any other. We’ve glittered, coloured and decorated that day with tinselled meanings, beliefs and understandings from past experiences, teachings, advertising and even Christmas movies that paint a picture of what it ‘should’ be.

And when our picture begins to look different to that, it can be very easy to slip into the sense of ‘missing’ – someone, something or some specific experience in order to feel that Christmas has been meaningful ‘enough’.

To what end I wonder. It’s certainly a great tool to activate consumers to spend extravagantly, create discontent and it can become the source of self-torture. Particularly for some of us that hold the ‘perfection’ frame of meaning.

Awakening to this, I found myself at choice point. Resistance vs acceptance. Lack vs gratitude. Sadness vs happiness. Control vs surrender.

Seems like a no brainer right?

Knowing that I am the author and source of my own happiness, I eventually made the decision to draw the curtain on my old Christmas movie, so that I could awaken to the new special characters, experiences and possibilities that are available to me in this moment.

Now in a state of excited acceptance, my heart is open to the birth of starry moments that await not only this Christmas day, but every single day thereafter.

And I’m wondering, what experience are you having about this Christmas? Is it really serving you to be at your best…?

As I pose these questions to you, I wonder whether you’ll allow yourself to notice your own matrix of Christmas meanings and the power you have to change them, in this moment should you so choose.

And with that, what do you want for yourself this Christmas? What do you believe is important about this day? And are you holding on to anything in particular that you believe you need in order to have a meaningful ‘enough’ Christmas?

What emotions do they evoke within you? And is that what you really, really want…?

If not, are you willing to let that go…? What is within your power to change that will enable you to be at your very best over this festive time?

Will you, gift that to yourself…?

After all, is there not a measure of magic in every moment, every day? I’ve never believed that more than I do today. And it’s ours for the making.

Merry Christmas, Merry days thereafter and a very magical year of opulent moments to you and your loved ones.

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