touching that moment

If life were a constant breeze, would we ever be deeply compelled to search for new ways of being and doing?

At times when it feels like our very survival depends on it, would we otherwise have experienced such a deep desire to search, explore and discover something within that would pull us through.

Would we truly know the depths of our strength if we hadn't had to touch the moments where we felt like we had nothing left.

Would we ever know what it feels like to be delicately held by the beauty of intimacy without the aching moments of aloneness?

Would we ever understand the value of simple treasures without being penniless?

Could our hearts fully expand to breathe in the awe of a morning sun, if we hadn't felt tears rolling down our cheeks as the sun set on a love shared.

But when is it time to just BE, without needing to be one or the other?

Every so often, in the stillness of breath, when we're able to trust, let go of needing things to be either this or that, a quiet acceptance transcends us to that place.

A place, where nothing needs to make sense, there's nothing to have, nothing to do.

We just are, one with everything.

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