A Rogue Note

Silence the Jaws base beats,

Cease the drum rolls to self-created gallows.

Halt marching to the band of a martyr destined for misery.

Time for a Soul song,

The toe tapping, unbridled passion of dance,

The classical crescendos that touch me from the core of my being and elevate me to place where I am all the colours on an artist’s pallet bursting into life.

A tantalising track

Tracing the beat of my heart

Touching every part of me

Til it sings with the passion of a thousand flavours in a sensual feast.

A metronome gone wild with ecstasy!

A rogue note breakdancing in the silent spaces.

A singing bowl chanting sweet adoration of a soul that is free

A heart on fire

With a passion, for life.

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