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The Voice Code®

For centuries, the key to unlocking every great leader’s confidence, influence and impact 

has been only for the select few,

like celebrities, politicians, and professional speakers.

This secret code enables them to communicate in ways that inspire revolutions, spread innovation, and forge movements that transform the way we live.

Those that don’t know how to unlock this secret code, continue to notably limit their

career income, and impact.  


I call this secret code, The Voice Code®. 

I'd love to help you unlock yours!

The Voice Code® 


Our specialised public speaking and presentation programs harness the vast expertise from Bonita’s over 20 years’ worth of professional presenting experience.


We've developed and been delivering bespoke corporate and in-house public speaking, and leadership capability coaching, mentoring and training programs for leaders, executives, teams, and small business owners for over 7 years. 


Our inside-out approach means that participants are primed for learning new skills and abilities while increasing self-awareness, improving self-leadership and fostering greater confidence as leaders, presenters, and beyond. 

Below, you'll find our 3 main offerings, but all packages can be tailored to suit your overarching learning strategies and business goals.

From basic to advanced techniques let us help you and your team communicate at your best!

Public Speaking Training

Public Speaking Training

Our comprehensive, fully customisable group training program will help you to illuminate your path to success!  


In our practical program, we'll show you how to:

  • Craft strategic stories, key messages and narratives

  • Structure your presentation professionally, for maximum impact

  • Design engaging slides with our D.E.S.I.G.N. Principles

  • Develop the art and science behind magnetic delivery

  • Engage and build rapport with your audience more effectively

  • And more...!

This workshop is perfect for:


  • Business Leaders

  • Conference Speakers

  • Thought Leaders and 

  • Anyone who wants to write, and deliver excellent presentations!

1:1 Coaching

You can have the perfect tools, templates and techniques, but if you’re unable to deliver your message with confidence, you’re decreasing your credibility, influence and impact.


Bonita’s expertise in NLP, Neuro Semantics and Meta-Coaching facilitates an inside-out approach with proven methodologies that will help you Awaken your Genius in how you communicate, and enhance your leadership capabilities.

What you can expect to learn and experience:

  • Empower your mindset to increase confidence and presence

  • Increase self-awareness and clarity into your strengths, challenges, communication style, blind spots, core fears and leadership style

  • Manage fear, nerves, and anxiety 

  • Strengthen connection to your leadership voice to enhance your leadership style

  • Deepen trust in yourself, and your voice

  • Unlock new potentials, resources and abilities

  • Bespoke exercises for integration and continued growth.


Presentation Mentoring

As Creative Director and Producer, Bonita will work with you, 1:1 or in groups to guide you as we co-create your upcoming presentation, so you can nail it!


From receiving and interpreting your brief to conceptualisation, scriptwriting, graphic design, strategic storytelling and coaching, we'll help you bring your ideas, messages and objectives together, to achieve the results you want.

Perfect for high-stakes presentations, either on stage, virtually, or internally to your senior board members, and stakeholders.

Typically, we offer the following packages, but can tailor to suit your needs:


    Perfect for someone wanting 1:1 mentoring on a pre-prepared presentation before an event or meeting. Completed in a month or less.


  2. REFINE:  
    Refine ideas, key messages, overarching themes, slides, visual aids, and delivery of a presentation for upcoming event. 


    Using Strategic Storytelling, we’ll help you
    co-create your presentation from conceptualisation, strategy, overarching themes and metaphors, to story-mining, scripting, design treatment, visual aids, and tech.

    Minimum of 1 month lead time before presentation required. 





Perfect for Executives, Thought Leaders and Business Owners.


Bonita will help you crack your unique “Voice Code” so you can unlock and empower your unique communication and leadership style.


The result?

Increased confidence, clarity and credibility when you present.

Click on the button below to schedule an obligation free chat with Bonita today!


What our Clients are Saying?

“Bonita has a unique style, that helped me to see through the immediate challenges I was facing. This allowed me new perspective, in the way I viewed the results I was getting, ways to address the way I dealt with myself, my team, clients and anyone I have been dealing with. Bonita’s support and coaching has really helped me leverage what we have as a business and enable my team to see new opportunities and go for them.””

Debbie Ireland:  CEO Share the Point

"It was great working with Bonita on improving my presentation and broader business skills! Bonita's approach was unique, mixing her own experience and insights with evidence-based practices. Her approach challenged my thinking and helped to drive real growth for me professionally."

Lloyd McCann: CEO, Health, Business & Digital Leader / Equity Advocate

"Bonita recently provided some communication coaching sessions for the team and I. We had a short timeframe to prepare for a conference presentation and, as everybody is, we were short on time full stop! Bonita was excellent. She challenged my perception on what makes a good presentation and ultimately helped me deliver something I was really proud of. The best part of our time together was the work we did on personality. Many of the insights and learnings from those sessions will stay with me for life. Thank you Bonita!"

Alexis Stewart:  Director of Strategic Programmes at Mercy Radiology

“Wonderful energy and professionalism, desire to make a genuine difference and a strong repertoire of tools (such as the personal Enneagram), all make Bonita a great presentation coach and a pleasure to work with. She has a lovely style of co-creating concepts and stories and leveraging each person’s unique strengths / comfort areas, while still pushing boundaries and encouraging clients to move outside their comfort zone and try new things. Bonita - thank you and wish you the very best as you continue your great work with others.”

Indervir Singh:  Head of Strategy & Enterprise Performance, Chorus NZ 

"Bonita is a true professional. Her one on one presentation skills coaching is impressive, she works to uncover layers of perceptions and beliefs, and coach on the real issues holding you back. I've had the pleasure of experiencing this and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills.


In the past I had always wanted to get presentations over and done with as quickly as possible. However, as a CEO leading a growing business and talented team, it has become important for me to communicate at my best. I made the decision to change that and Bonita's coaching came highly recommended. 


After a few sessions together, I experienced myself on stage as being confident, at ease, and I even enjoyed the experience! The coaching has resulted in much less stress for every upcoming presentation. I now have strategies, tools and new perspectives that help me to deliver my key messages with impact."

Craig Pinker: CEO, Novelli

"Bonita's AMAZING programme helped me NAIL a recent speaking gig - so much so that I've created three other opportunities from that one presentation. She's the REAL DEAL".

Yvette Martin:  Managing Partner and Co-Founder Kingfisher Advisory Services

"Over the last 6 weeks I’ve been working closely with Bonita on my key note presentation for a Leadership Summit in Canberra. During that time, Bonita helped me in developing and structuring my presentation, provided insight on my learning style and coached me in overcoming my ‘public speaking’ fear.
My presentation was a great success and I feel now comfortable to present in-front of a large audience. Without Bonita’s help this would not have been possible. I highly recommend Bonita’s services and will engage her again."

Sandra Arps GAICD: Entrepreneur & NED | Innovation & Digital Transformation

“Bonita was engaged by MercyAscot to help us create a start of the year “kick-off” event for our over 600 staff members. We wanted it to have impact and excitement to engage them for a full day, whilst teaching them all about what the year ahead would bring.  


I had been drafting a fairly standard CEO’s opening address, pretty conventional and probably not an energetic or dynamic way to kick off a long day!  Bonita worked with me over several sessions and got me focussed on what I really wanted to achieve with my presentation.  She also pushed me to identify elements of my story that would be engaging to the MercyAscot employees as well as common themes to link it all together.  Bonita encouraged me to be more open and sharing with my staff as well as to adopt a more out-going style than is my nature.  


The outcome was a presentation staff loved!  It was not a presentation I would ever have given, left to my own devices, but with Bonita’s coaching it was different, engaging and well received.  In fact, I now use much of this presentation with new staff at their orientation – and it still gets great reviews”

Dr Ian England, CEO: Mercy Ascot

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