Presentation Coaching & Mentoring

I help executives, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and aspiring presenters excel in their careers by delivering my OUT-Standing Presenters coaching, mentoring and training programs.


✦ Set yourself up as an expert and authority in your field
✦ Expand your brand into the market
✦ Grow your business
✦ Increase your income!
✦ Make your impact AND become a confident, influential and great     public speaker!


✦ Co-create and polish your upcoming presentation.

✦ If mentoring in person, using virtual reality, we'll get you super confident and prepared you for your audience!

✦ Develop your voice, body language and learn how to engage with your audience more effectively.

✦ Develop your presentation delivery skills to make you more engaging and memorable.

✦ Enhance your personal brand 



Book in your FREE Presenter Breakthrough Session with me where we'll create a growth map, with milestones and action points to get you to where you want to be! 



  • Public speaking is still #1 fear, death is #2

  • 75% of people suffer speech anxiety called Glossophobia

  • Men & Women are equally affected 

  • Making a mistake

  • Being judged by the audience

  • Ruining your reputation

  • Forgetting your words


  • Others less experienced & qualified take the 'stage' & get noticed

  • You get passed up for promotions

  • You don't set yourself up as an expert in your field

  • It's harder to grow your business and brand

  • And you struggle to increase your income! 


  • To master performance, we first need to transform our inner game of Presenting.

  • Then, we’re able to develop presentation skills, the voice, body & art of presenting to perform at our very BEST!

  • You do this through coaching and mentoring!

This is NOT TRADITIONAL performance coaching!


presentation skills training & Toastmasters won't rid you of fear, anxiety & enable you to shine as a Presenter! 


enables us to get the heart of your personal Presenter Matrix, so we can identify any limiting core meanings, upgrade belief structures driving behaviours, transform fear, mobilise your inner & outer resources, develop, unleash and actualise your potentials so you can be an

OUT-Standing Presenter!

What will Presentation Coaching enable you to do?

  • Ditch feeling like a victim of your nerves and learn robust, proven methods to rewire your brain for increased confidence and enjoyment when presenting.

  • Deliver your best presentations with a powerful, proven pre-presenting strategy

  • Comprehensive Personality Profiling report to help fast track you to developing your unique Presenting style and voice to be OUT-Standing.

  • Develop new behaviours, upgrade beliefs, experience positive change in areas that may be holding you back from presenting at your best. 

Presentation Mentoring

Remember the last time you saw a brilliant presenter in action?


Were you wishing you could be that confident, articulate and persuasive so you too can make your impact?


Most of my clients desire this, but just don't know 'how' to do it.

So how do we do it??

The Presentation Mentoring Programme is practical, hands-on and designed to guide and teach our clients new skills, enhance existing skills and take your presentations to the next level.

What will Presentation Mentoring enable you to do?

  • Develop your voice, body language and learn how to engage with your audience more effectively on camera, mic, stage, in groups or one-on-one.

  • Develop your presention delivery skills to make you more engaging and credible.

  • Construct a compelling presentation.

  • Enhance your personal brand in 3 easy steps so you can increase your bookings, business and income.

  • Together we’ll work on your specific presentation to polish, enhance and maximize your presentation impact.

There's a time to play small, 

and a time to be OUT-Standing!


What time is it in your life? Are you ready for YOUR time?

With over 17 years collectively in the Presenting, Broadcasting, Speaking, Voice Over and now Coaching arenas, Bonita knows what it takes to help you make it as a successful Presenter and Speaker so you can make your impact, grow your business and achieve your dreams.

* Coaching is available in person, or online via Zoom.

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in the bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~Anais Nin 

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Bonita is certified in:


  • ACMC (Associate Certified Meta-Coach): Sydney 

  • Meta-NLP and Neuro Semantics Practitioner: Sydney

  • Meta-NLP and Neuro Semantics Master Practitioner:  Sydney

  • Member of the Meta-Coach Foundation

  • Member of the International Society of Neuro Semantics

  • Integrative Enneagram Facilitator 

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Here's what people are saying:

"As a coach, Bonita is professional and authentic. She creates a space for her client which is warm, open & generously supportive, enabling the client to be at ease, & held to explore the depths of their psyche with freedom. Thank you, Bonita, it has been an absolute pleasure to have been coached by you!"


Mary-Anne K: Business Owner & Director

"Bonita joined my presentation to provide me with professional feedback.

Having more than 15 years presenting experience, even for large audiences, I thought there's not a lot to be improved.

But because I implemented Bonita’s feedback I got the best ratings for my two speeches!”

Frank Holzenthal: Senior Director, Head of Presales and Marketing

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