Personality Profiling with the Enneagram

This is NOT a TYPICAL personality profiling tool.


We do NOT want to BOX YOU IN!


This is a comprehensive personality map to help you identify & break FREE from any limitations, self-destructive habits & patterns.

If You Want To:

Leadership, Enneagram

Who is this for?

  • Excel in your career by transforming how you show up, interact, & experience business. 

  • Strengthen relationships with self and others by improving your communication style.

  • Lead your team to greatness by developing your leadership style.

  • Unlock your potential by identifying your core motivation and strengths!

  • Improve efficacy by understanding your decision-making style.

  • Identify destructive patterns and behaviours and how to be free of them.

  • Develop your emotional intelligence (EQ).

  • Increase confidence.

  • Increase productivity and motivation.

  • Increase compassion for self and others.

Individuals, Entrepreneurs
Leaders, Executives and Teams

Who Want to:


Individual Report:

  • Three centres of Expression (Head, Heart, Hands)

  • Nine main Enneagram Types

  • Wings to each Enneagram Type

  • Three Instincts (Self-Preservation, One-on-One, Group)

  • Contextual Strain / Stress Profile:

    • Happiness

    • Physical Strain

    • Psychological Strain

    • Interpersonal Strain

    • Environmental Strain

    • Vocational Strain

  • Levels of Integration (Development in relation to overcoming core fears)

  • Stress and Release points of Enneagram Type

Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker

Professional Report:

All of the Individual Report elements, PLUS:


  • Behavioural aspects of main Ennea type in a professional work environment

  • Expanded Behavioural Indicators:

    • Communication Style

    • Giving and Receiving Feedback + Feedback guide

    • Dealing with Conflict

    • Decision Making

    • Leadership and Management

    • Strategic Leadership

    • Team Behaviour

    • Your Ennea Type in a Coaching Relationship

The Enneagram is used globally by:


Apple, Boeing, Chrysler, Cisco Systems, Deutsche Bank, Disney, Dropbox, Hyatt, KLM, Kodak Lucent Technologies, Marriott, Motorola, Toyota, VISA, Woolworths, Xerox, British American Tobacco, multiple global governments, Standard Bank, Disney, US Federal Reserve Bank, the CIA, Sun Microsystems, People Soft, Philips Electronics, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prudential, Reebok, Shell, Sony, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Procter and Gamble, Duke Energy, Sun International, Levi’s, General Motors, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Ingram Micro, Nestle, Pfizer, Novartis


The Enneagram is used in curriculums by:


Stanford University, UCLA, Antioch University, Harvard Negotiation Institute, Columbia Business School

Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker

Moving from fixation to liberation

Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker

Cross-cultural Validity


The Enneagram has cross-cultural validity and has been applied successfully across the world. As a typology, its validity has been established through a multitude of research projects. It has been correlated with the MBTI, Belbin Team Roles, Catell’s 16PF and the OPQ.

Accurate and Reliable Assessment


Over 6 years of continuous improvements through scientific research and development have made the IEQ over 95% accurate and is used by 600+ accredited users around the world. More than 55000 profiles have been generated for corporate clients.


'The Enneagram has shone a light onto the inner most parts of my personality framework, highlighting my deep fears, my specific worldview, strengthsblind spots and so much more that makes me feel like I’m unwrapping the layers of wrapping paper around the greatest Christmas gift ever! Because now, I'm able to identify hidden patterns that have been running me my whole life and release them. Freedom.'


Integrative Enneagram has taken my business to another level. I am now able to have a much better understanding of the individuals that I deal with, either on their own or as part of a bigger team or family. I am blessed to have an extremely successful business and continue to maintain excellent results, crediting Integrative Enneagram as my most effective tool and guide that my team and I make use of - thank you.

Tracey Fowler 

The Enneagram is probably the most transformative tool in use for transpersonal development. IE's interactive testing framework is astounding in terms of its ability to type cast the complexity of the human personality into simple yet profound observations to create deep personal awareness

Michael Raal

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* Excerpts from Integrative Enneagram
Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker
Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker
Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker
Presentation Skills Training and Coach, TV Host, Presenter, Speaker

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